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Our Commitment to You: ‘Trust But Verify’

Dear Clients, In the recent past Global Biologics experienced several service disruptions which we’ve never previously dealt with before. I am pleased to announce that we have re-organized our affairs and moving past these growing pains, and are now taking on new Client projects. With the ability to scale lab and reporting processes, we are ready to deliver best in class precision services using our T2Prep system. Our service offering is better now than ever and we want to demonstrate a renewed commitment to Client satisfaction and Quality.  We ‘Trust’ that you’ll be satisfied in choosing GB to support your research. We are not only ready to share our streamlined services on a broader scale, but eager to ‘Verify’ our commitment to your project by providing on time results, Quality that exceeds stringent specifications, and friendly and timely communications from the lab to the front office. We appreciate the support of our Clients, Vendors & Partners while we put a solid team in place. And for those who have worked with us for over six years, we say many thank you’s from our families to yours. We very much look forward to further opportunities to do great science together. With Best Regards, Sean Blake

Turnaround Time Guarantee:

  • RNA/DNA QC Services: will be completed and data reported within 3 business days of sample receipt.
  • Library Preparation Services (and any preceding steps): will be completed and reported within 11 calendar days from sample receipt.
  • Illumina sequencing (and any preceding steps or required sample re-runs): will be completed and reported within 21 days from sample sample receipt. If your sample data is provided within 22-30 days from receipt you will receive a 25% refund. If your data is released after the 30th day or is incomplete in any way, we will not bill you for the results. You will have a choice between a refund, credit for future services, or not be billed at all.
  • Exceptions: Next Gen sequencing data analyses (such gene expression profiling, miR analysis, SNP ID etc), and projects involving customized RNA or DNA extractions, will involve additional lead time to complete. Please email us for questions about custom projects (


We are looking for researchers working with volume projects and tight budgets to reach out and contact us about your upcoming projects. We will be providing major end of year discounts for select projects which provide the opportunity for us to support publication efforts, and which lead to projects to fill our service pipeline. Email us your project ideas and we’ll respond with aspects we find interesting and schedule a call to discuss the potential to work together.