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Data Sharing:

After signing up for an online account and placing a service order you can track the status and download detailed technical and billing information directly from your account Dashboard. Links will also exist for accessing large project files located in our new cloud based repository, and to your analysis viewer instance (if analysis is part of your order).

Technical Reports:

All orders will receive as many as four sample reports, depending on the services order for your project, including:

  • Pre-Production QC: If RNA/DNA Quality Control is a part of an order, user receives (a) Sample Summary containing order details and sample tracking details/ID’s, concentration data collected from Qubit and/or PlateReader, and quality scores to assess sample integrity from TapeStation4200 or Fragment Analyzer systems, (b) unaltered electropherograms, and (c) custom quality scores for challenging samples which serve as a predictor of success based on our experiences with marginal quality and/or quantities of material for NGS or genotyping. This is particularly helpful for users working with aged or limiting templates who must decide whether investing in data generation is practical (or not) for certain specimens.
  • Library Production: User will receive (a) library preparation summary detailing input amounts, library yields, construct sizes, sample indexing, library pass fail scores, and pooling configurations, (b) unaltered electropherogram data for libraries to be sequenced, and if requested (c) miseq library validation statistics.
  • Illumina Sequence Production: User will receive (a) flowcell/lane sequence summary statistics including Q scores and yields for their specific samples as output from current pipeline software, (b) Quality Assurance report indicating data pass/fail/re-process including positive control run metrics.
  • Analysis Summary: If ordered, you will receive a detailed analysis files as described in your quotation which generally will include (a) alignment and/or filtering practices, (b) analysis metrics, (c) test statistics, and (d) summary of software/code useage associated with all stages of analysis.
  • Service Core Summary:  This final report is offered to all Clients which summarizes the nature of the study, chemistry/materials used, SOP’s executed, and summary data plots and quality assurance statistics which ensures our commitment to quality is being met and you have all the information needed for publication and reporting purposes.
  • A Note about automation and our Touchless Total Prep System: We are in the process of intellectual protection of the molecular system which we have developed and refer to as the ‘Touchless Total Prep System ‘, ‘TTPS’, or ‘T2Prep’ system. The system itself is a series of customized consumables that work with standard SBS 96 and 384 thermal cyclers. Reactions have not been overtly re-formulated, rather, the custom aspects of the system allow for a unique method of moving liquids and performing purifications in a complex workflow. A few instances of customized steps to purify, concentrate, and/or normalize templates exist to ensure high levels of batch consistency. Finally, the system is a simple closed tube format that protects the integrity of each sample from cross contamination. GB is committed to scientific transparency and thus, any use of this system for a specific application will be thoroughly described in the Service Core Summary (including internal validation data where custom iterations require description). We welcome questions and partnerships about how this tool can be deployed on a greater scale for your research or in your own lab in the near future. Once the system is protected and ready to be marketed and sold as a standalone product, there will be additional supporting information that can be referenced. In the meantime, go place an order, or visit our Technology page for more information about T2Prep.

Specifications and Deliverables:

The cost of genetic technologies are considerable and you deserve clear expectations and transparency in assessing the quality of materials produced. All orders have a clear set of specifications and ‘deliverables’ which can be expected from each order. A complete list can downloaded from your account Dashboard.

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