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Step 1.

Place Order Online


—> Order Online and pay by Credit Card during checkout and your rates are 10% lower than Ordering by Purchase Order.


—> Ordering by Purchase Order is necessary for Custom Orders or when institutional PO must be used for the service payments. In this case, you must request a quote, submit the PO, then submit samples for processing. PO orders will be posted to your online account by Customer Service.

Step 2.

Prepare Samples


—>Prepare your Samples in a volume of 45ul or less.

RNASeq / 3’RNASeq

  • (dT) Total RNA (0.5-3ug)


  • Genomic DNA-Std Input (1-3ug)
  • Genomic DNA-Low Input (0.1-0.5ug)
  • Genomic DNA-Low Input-Aged/Degraded (0.05-0.5ug)

—>Follow instructions on the ‘Submit Samples’ webpage to initiate the study.

Step 3.

Submit Samples


—>Go to the Submit Samples page of our site and provide:

  • Sample Details
  • Shipping Tracking Details

—>GB will track your package and let you know about sample receipt.

Step 4.

Receive Data


—>Receive email updates for all orders

—>Access Data & Reports from the dashboard of your online account.

—>Guaranteed Turnaround times & Refund Policy

  • Pre-Production QC data: posted in 1-2 days from receipt.
  • Library QC data for sequencing projects: posted in 3-5 days from receipt.
  • Core Lab Libraries Preps: shipped in 5-7 days.
  • HiSeq4000 Data Results: posted in 21-30 calendar days days from receipt.

Order Status:

  • Once we receive an online order it will be listed as ‘On Hold’.
  • Once we receive a quote request for using a Purchase Order, we will enter your order online and it will be listed as ‘On Hold’.
  • Once you submit samples it will be listed as ‘Processing’.
  • Once an order has been finished it will be considered ‘Completed’.


Online Checkout, Sample Submission & Billing Details:

  • All orders should be placed online and will receive a unique OrderID for tracking.
  • Payment Options:
    • Order by Purchase Order / Quote: Ordering by PO requires a quotation be generated and PO submitted and approved before sample submission. Terms: Net30 from the date of service completion with 10% monthly late fee for late payments. Remit physical checks to Global Biologics LLC, 2000 E. Broadway #157, Columbia, MO 65201.
    • Order Online by Credit Card/ACH: pay for your order during the online checkout process and prices are 10% than using a Purchase Order. Standard merchant agreements and terms apply (Visa,MC). Global Biologics is an certified merchant.
    • Order Online by Cash on Delivery: during online checkout select ‘Cash on Delivery’ agreeing to submit payment by Check when samples are submitted. Prices are 10% lower than using a Purchase Order.
  • Once you have an order listed in your account dashboard, go to the Submit Samples page to ship us your samples and initiate the project. We will track your package and contact you when it has been received.
  • Samples will be processed through Quality Control and staged for library production and sequencing. You will receive reports online for each step in real time.



  • A copy of our Terms of Service and Refund Policy is provided with each order, and also posted on our Refund Policy and Terms of Service webpages.
  • Data is distributed through our website or cloud ftp system. Backup all data locally. Online results will be available for 1 year, and kept offline for 5 years.
  • All data for completed projects is the property of the researcher.
  • All orders will receive as many as four sample reports, depending on the services order for your project, including:
    • Pre-Production QC: RNA/DNA Quality Control and Concentration Checks
    • Library Production: User will receive detailed library preparation summary
    • Illumina Sequence Production: User will receive flowcell/lane/sample sequence and quality summary statistics
    • Analysis Summary: If ordered, you will receive a detailed analysis files
    • Service Core Summary:  This final report is offered to all Clients which summarizes the nature of the study, chemistry/materials used & SOP’s executed

Policy, Website Use, Privacy, Security:

  • A current version of our Privacy Policy is listed hereA copy of our Terms of Service is listed here.
  • We never share or sell your personal information to third party entities. We never send spam.
  • Credit and bank transfer information are never stored by any of Global Biologics’ payment systems. All online payments are securely handled through the payment gateway in compliance with our merchant and banking provider’s PCI and Privacy Policy requirements. We are an verified eCommerce merchant.