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TruSeq Libraries Are Prepared Per Illumina Specification

We now produce TruSeq libraries per specifications without modification in our closed tube T2Prep system. These libraries are ideal for Core Service Labs or for users that don’t wish to sequence with us and need Illumina certified libraries. Illumina’s methods offer excellent consistency, quality, and sequence well on any platform. If you have unused lanes on your sequencer, ordering these libraries will help you fill them up quickly. We now offer:

  • 5 day Turnaround time (including next day shipping).
  • Full QC reports on every sample, including free pre- and post-library QC.
  • Our T2Prep system ensures pure samples and high index call rates.
  • No charge replicates and batch controls for monitoring quality and dynamic range.
  • Standardized library preparations allow us to offer you a project based cash value insurance policy for each project. If your libraries do not sequence and/or de-multiplex properly when loaded properly, we will remake libraries and sequence for you free of charge, or pay you for re-sequencing, in order to complete the study without wasting your research funds. We can only do this because our prep processes occur in a closed tube system with standardized liquid handling steps.
  • All Libraries are SBS and ExAmp compatible.

Description / Library Features

Batch Controls, Process Controls, and Spike-Ins Ensure Quality:

Each Order receives free of charge controls if 8 or more libraries are being created, ensuring all libraries meet stringent application specific specifications.

Final Library Specifications

Select Molecular Preps for your Order:

  • Illumina TruSeq DNA (PCR Free) ($/sample for 1-24 preps)

    $ 150.00
  • Illumina TruSeq DNA (PCR Free) ($/sample for 25 preps)

    $ 80.00
  • Illumina TruSeq RNA (dT) ($/sample for 1-24 preps)

    $ 175.00
  • Illumina TruSeq RNA (dT) ($/sample for 25 preps)

    $ 90.00
  • Pre-Production Genomic DNA Quality Control

    $ 20.00
  • Pre-Production Total RNA Quality Control

    $ 20.00
  • Return Shipping

    $ 1.15