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HS4000: Features & Specifications

  • Our T2P libraries are now focused on HiSeq4000 production and our goal is to fill flowcells!
  • We only offer the most popular read options that allow us to offer a 21 day turnaround time (TAT) on all projects (3-7 days for QC and Library Production, 14 days for sequencing results)
  • HS4000 is Ideal for production level whole genome projects, whole transcriptomes, & genome skimming projects
  • You can expect Standard Illumina Quality specifications from each lane, across each flowcell, from run to run
  • Economical choice and improved yields vs HS2500 runs for libraries with 100-300 bp inserts (quality suffers and index swapping exhibited with large inserts)
  • Ideal for 24-96 libraries lane, also effective with as many as 384 libraries per lane with narrow insert ranges
  • Data via ultra fast cloud based private
  • Long Term Storage / Backups available for additional fee
  • We do accept user prepared libraries (be sure to add QC from the library prep section for each pool) along with your sequencing order.


Single End 100nt


Single Lane
SKU: NGS-HS4000-2001-1


Paired End 100nt


Single Lane
SKU: NGS-HS4000-2001-2


Single End 150nt


Single Lane
SKU: NGS-HS4000-2001-3


Paired End 150nt


Single Lane
SKU: NGS-HS4000-2001-4

Read Counts by Lane

Add Sequencing to Your Order

  • HS4000 – 100PE ($/lane)

    $ 2,793.00
  • HS4000 – 100SE ($/lane)

    $ 1,819.00
  • HS4000 – 150PE ($/lane)

    $ 3,624.00
  • HS4000 – 150SR ($/lane)

    $ 2,430.00
  • User Provided Illumina Library Quality Control ($/s)

    $ 75.00

Do you have questions about how to customize your project? 

No problem!

We can help you construct the perfect combination of library & sequencing parameters for your project.

Use the contact form to let us know how we can help.


  • Want to validate library and pooling configurations prior to scaling up data generation to HiSeq4000? We also offer Miseq runs (2×75, 1×150, 2×250 and 2×300) upon request. Email for pricing and yield information.
  • Why HiSeq4000? The HiSeq4000 platform is the most economical in terms of generating higher yield run with reduced run times compared to the Hiseq2500/2000 platforms. With our new T2Prep system in full deployment for all our molecular applications, we have the molecular capacity to prepare and run several flowcells each week with our partners.
  • Global Biologics has implemented a series of library modifications which make all GB library preps Illumina ExAmp compatible. ExAmp chemistry is the method by which templates are bound and amplified (ordered array cluster generation) prior to the sequence imaging steps on the HS4000, HiSeqX, and NovaSeq platforms. All prior systems utilize the SBS chemistry (random array cluster generation). This means we guarantee your libraries will yield the same level of unidentified indices as Illumina’s SBS chemistry (typically 1-4%) and index crosstalk will be estimated using inline prep and sequencing controls to monitor levels for each lane processed. For more information about this topic, watch for our tech note in the TechTalk and Specifications sections of the website. (Illumina, ExAmp, SBS, HS4000, HiSeqX, NovaSeq are Trademarks of Illumina, Inc). Some general information can be found here: