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SPRI Beads

Unique Dual Indexing Primers

Labeled Microtubes

Pre-Library gDNA Normalization

Speed Up Sample QC & Dilutions (Pre-Prep)

Huge Time Saver, Reduce Your Pipetting

Low Input Compatible

Cat. # 19-1001-1 (500 Rxn | 2500 Rxn)

Library Purification & Size Selection

Plug & Play SPRI Beads

Library Purification & Size Selection

Half the Price of Competitors

Cat. # 19-3001-1 (50 mL | 250 mL)

Post Library Normalization

Quickly Normalize Samples for QC

High and Low Elution options

Samples also ready for Multiplex pooling

Cat. # 19-2001-1 (500 Rxn | 1250 Rxn)


We Develop Quality NGS Products

  • Developed to simplify routine NGS applications.
  • Validated for low and high input NGS procedures with few pipetting steps.
  • You will Save Staff Time and Money Compared to other products.
  • Formulations stability tested for at least 1 year.
  • Our goal is to distribute quality products with the spirit of service & support. 
  • Bead products are validated for performance with Illumina NGS preparation and Sequencing are certified RNAse/DNAse and pyrogen Free using Industry Standard Quality Assurance Assays.
  • We do not drop-ship someone else’s product. 
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for order to arrive.
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    • Distributors: Exclusive agreement opportunities exist.
    • Product Developers & Manufacturers: Via licensing agreement.

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