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Q: Are you looking for sequencing data to be generated quickly so that downstream bioinformatics and validation efforts can proceed efficiently?

Q: Are you on a tight timeline to publish your results?

Q: Do you require the expertise that enables quality results for processing for tens, hundreds, or even thousands of samples in a relatively short time-frame?

A: Look no further! We are experts in Illumina sequencing and have worked for years to develop a scalable processing pipeline that empowers individual researchers & teams to generate affordable, high quality whole genome and expression sequencing data for researchers.



We’ve fine tuned every step of the NGS process incorporating time savings and quality assurance steps which yield affordable and high quality Illumina data in 7-10 days.


–>Our process is extremely scalable. No project is too large or small. All our assays utilize ~50ng of input RNA or DNA.

–>We have a unified pricing model. Our sequencing services are affordable to you and easy for us to scale and manage.

–>Our sequencing capability is redundant. With the support of our key partners (who are industry leaders), we offer a variety of RNA, DNA, skimming, capture & genotyping applications. Our format assures samples are processed quickly and uniformly, and to provide data on time and per specification.


Service Features

Key Features of Our Process:

    • Custom-developed 15-minute sample quantitation & normalization process.

    • A 2-hour library preparation process powered by high-performance library technology (described in your project reports, or inquire with questions), developed by major US vendors and validated at reputable Genome Centers, including our laboratory.

    • A custom 90-minute post library quality control process which validates, measures concentration and normalizes samples quickly, resulting in evenly pooled libraries for your sequencing project.

    • Balanced read outputs: 95% of your libraries will yield guaranteed minimum read counts with <20% CV to assure even coverage for your project. Samples with too few reads will QC’d again and additional sequencing generated with 7 days to satisfy order criteria.

    • Sequencing runs are pre-scheduled & fully paid for in advance, both in our lab and at partnering labs that help us maintain flexibility and speed. We utilize a closed tube prep process that ensures pure libraries and are very confident our samples will sequencing optimally every time. This allows us to accommodate projects of any size. We can process small and large projects with equal efficiency and without scheduling delays associated with obtaining samples to fill flowcell lanes from a limited user base.

    • Fast, redundant and secure HIPAA compliant LIMS tracking, data repository and distribution process.

    • Setup a web account on our website & Login to view pricing for additional services including Small RNAseq, dd/3d RADseq, and customized sequencing outputs for various libraries to be ordered on a contract basis.

    • Highly parallel Bioinformatics available. Next day processing including automated report generation and interactive publication quality visualization, powered by an industry leading partner in Sequencing Bioinformatics.