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RNA / DNA QC & Isolation Services:

As everyone knows, extractions and QC are absolutely critical molecular biology, but the question is whether you are getting your RNA & DNA templates carefully checked quickly and properly prior to NGS processing. By ordering Pre-NGS QC or Tissue Isolations+Pre-NGS QC with us, you are ensuring your samples have the ideal quality and quantity of material specifically for NGS experiments. We utilize a variety of kits and reagents specific to your template type and want to engage to support your research by providing in depth QC data for all samples destined for NGS. All tissue isolations are carefully quantitated and quality checked with TapeStation4200 (RNA) or Fragment Analyzer (gDNA) before sequence or genotype production.

Library Production:

Global Biologics has used a variety of chemistry for NGS library production. As most researchers are aware, the technology has become much more streamlined in recent years and many choices exist on the market for the ideal chemistry to use for a given application. At times, it feels like there is a lot of noise in this space. Our approach to NGS has always been to utilizes robust chemistries that will work with a specific project and a variety of our customers templates, and to purchase materials in a way that we can provide cost savings to the Client without compromising on quality. More recently we have been focused on chemistry which is particularly ameable to automation not only with general liquid handlers but also with our T2Prep system. We find that vendors who force users to utilize difficult to transfer volumes can have tremendous impacts on all kinds of reactions relating to NGS. That’s why we only use materials from vendors with user friendly chemistry, so we can avoid critical steps relying on single or sequential additions of  1ul or less at any automation step in our process. These experiences have culminated in the development and deployment of our T2Prep system. It is virtually agnostic to chemistry, and once deployed for a given application, is extremely robust and reliable for high throughput applications. Taken together, we are combining best in class chemistry with our prep system and are able to process samples faster and more affordably than if we utilized a standard automation robot. All our services have a description of the chemistry used (including volumes for all steps) for every application, which signals our commitment to transparency and created shared expectations of quality and dynamic range between users, the service lab, and your data.

Illumina Sequencing:

We primarily utilize the proven chemistry of the Illumina platforms. High data outputs and excellent quality have fueled the growth of their many different systems (we need not list them all here). Moderately long read with and high coverage (relative to first gen. massively parralel sequencing) have further enabled creative de novo applications for species lacking quality reference genome data.

Historically, GB has offered a variety of platforms and read lengths for many different applications. Currently, however, we have refined our molecular preps to take on considerable sized functional genomics studies which necessitates the reliable outputs of the production level HS4000 platform (learn more here While we still offer some Miseq and Hiseq2500 applications upon request, we have refined the broad array of prep types we do so that we could improve quality, turnaround and data yields for our Clients.

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