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We have developed a closed tube automation system which standardizes library production for some of the most popular applications. We call it the Touchless Total Prep System (‘T2Prep’ or ‘TTPS’)

By utilizing this system each order now receives:

  • Free of charge technical replicates and spike-in controls (if 8 or more libraries are being created) ensure library Quality
    • Technical Replicates:
      • We pick several samples and process replicates at the two or more input amounts to monitor correlation coefficients across each project
      • This is based on a variety of publications showing that higher input amounts typically have R2 values of 0.95-0.99 whereas lower input projects can expect R2 values of 0.84-0.9
    • Spike-Ins: chosen to monitor dynamic range
      • RNAseq: ERCC ExFold 1 & 2 Spike-In assist with monitoring dynamic range and coverage based fold change cutoffs
      • DNAseq: Custom synthetic spike-in is utilized at extremely low concentrations to monitor library diversity.
      • All controls are tested before shipment using qPCR. When our specifications are met, 95-100% of all sequence data generated will be of excellent quality, further validating our QA data.
  • Free of charge Batch Controls for all orders ensures prep batch Quality.
    • We offer Batch controls to account for quality effects due to species and varying input quality

T2Prep accomodates low and high throughput projects and allows for controlled batch processing by eliminating contamination risks associated with traditional liquid handling approaches. And since we use standard molecular reaction volumes and not miniaturized reactions or manufactured microfluidics, you receive scalability and the quality which you expect, without having to ‘buy-in’ to a novel approach to making libraries. T2Prep allows us you to ‘Trust but Verify’!

Low Throughput

High Throughput

Library Specifications Ensure Diverse Library Preparations before Sequencing Occurs

Batch Controls, Process Controls, and Spike-Ins Ensure Quality at the Analysis Stage

Each Order receives free of charge controls if 8 or more libraries are being created, ensuring all libraries meet stringent application specific specifications.

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