We have worked diligently to develop a simplified outsourcing experience with standardized NGS services and are confident we can support your project. We still encourage you to contact us prior to beginning first project to ensure that we:

  • Identify your needs: What are you looking for. Know the major technical requirements, benefits, risks, and sticking points that must be accounted for while seeking a service provider.
  • Help you identify whether we are the right service partner specifically for your study: We recognize that a research institution’s most valuable goal is retaining control over data quality. But when you outsource, you need to find a provider that specializes in exactly what you need. GB has learned that while we are capable of doing many different things, we excel at offering fewer applications.
  • Alleviate concerns about molecular quality in addition to Analytical Quality. Is there sufficient oversight to guarantee your molecular work is done properly? Our prep system and lab processes are built around having a system that maintains the integrity of the research process by generating data through every step of the process. Find a lab that doesn’t skimp on molecular tracking data and you’ll leave nothing to chance.
  • Explain how we standardize and Automate our NGS process and distinguish how our system is different from other labs utilizing automation. Our T2Prep system specifically limits human error and cross contamination risks from all molecular processes specifically because it is a closed tube system. With built in controls for each step, we go beyond traditional liquid handling automation.
  • Provide you with data substantiating our Experiences: As we evaluate data generated for each sample at various points in our pipeline, we function at the level of managing quality instead of making simple mistakes. This process is based on the experiences of having prepped, sequenced and genotyped many thousands of samples across hundreds of different projects and sample types. Experience matters…but we don’t charge a premium for it. Ask us for detailed spec sheets for all services, and also for a list of our publications through the years.
  • Deliver you a Rapid service: Now that we have our platform in full production and our front office fully staffed, all projects are completed in 21-30 calendar days or the data is free of charge. Sometimes it pays to find someone who can do the work quickly.
  • Provide Support which meets your expectations: We have spent considerable time doing, now let us demonstrate that we can support your project and meet your expectations. Call us anytime you have questions that need answering. We can provide some statistical support and analyses, but recommend you consult with a biostatistician who understands your study before embarking on large experimental analysis.

We hope you will work with us for your next project.



Our re-designed services, policies, and workflow protect your NGS investment…

Simplified Sample Intake

—>Streamlined ordering & communications: You can now view services, pricing, and technical information about our services as well as securely place orders and receive results and notifications through our re-designed website. Standardizing and simplifying the order process allows us to serve you better. Staff are able to better communicate and generate lab reports in real time during each stage of your project, providing critical status details for internal planning. Our goal is to achieve 100% Client satisfaction on every order.

–>Flexible sample submission process: You can ship samples direct to us or take advantage of our Sure Ship Sample Pack to automate your sample submission and make it a seamless, stress-free experience.

  • Simply include the Sure Ship service item ($200.00) in your online order.
  • Within two business days you will receive the sample pack in your lab.
  • Pre-labeled sample tubes specifically for your study.
    • You simply enter x ng of your stock RNA or DNA(in a volume of 45ul or less) directly to the pre-labeled sample tubes, and then dry in a SpeedVac or biosafety hood.
    • This saves technician time b/c you don’t have to label a separate set of tubes and then normalize each sample. Because you are drying down your samples in the stabilizer, input sample volumes can be variable.
    • Gentegra RNA & DNA stabilizer tubes protect your valuable samples during setup and shipment. Once sample is added, they remain protected at room temperature and during shipping, and also offer protection from remnant nuclease degradation for at least three years.
  • We provide you with prepaid USPS shipping boxes which save from you time and cost of creating shipping labels. You can also say goodbye to procuring dry ice for the shipment.
  • Below is a list of our input requirements.
Library Type Required Submission Amount Max Volume to Dry*
Total RNA 0.5-3ug 45ul or less
Genomic DNA-Std Input 1-3ug 45ul or less
Genomic DNA-Low Input 0.1-0.5ug 45ul or less
Genomic DNA-Low Input-Aged/Degraded 0.05-0.5ug 45ul or less

—>Rest easy. Everyone worries about sending samples to a service provider because there are so many rules associated with shipping and then you have to time things properly regarding the weather so your samples don’t sit on a loading dock somewhere. Shipping samples should never be stressful, mysterious, worrisome, or cumbersome for either party. Your packaging, labeling, shipping and tracking are all simplified when you work with GB.

Standardized Quality Control

All NGS and genotyping samples undergo thorough quality checks before and after NGS and Genotype production. This can be a cumbersome process but we consider a cost of doing business. We always prefer more data over less, and using a defined automation process ensures your samples yield a trail of data for tracking quality. Your samples will be stabilized, quantified, integrity checked, and staged for your specific NGS or genotype production application within a few days of receipt.

—>Save money. There are no fees for our pre- or post-library production QC, unless you are only ordering QC to check the quality before deciding about what samples to include in your study. Your sample quality will be checked using TapeStation4200 or Fragment Analyzer. Because we have standardized our T2Prep system in a closed tube system, all our processes include molecular QC.

—>Save time. Within three business days from sample receipt you will have data offering advanced knowledge about each sample in your study, providing confidence that materials are sufficient to proceed. One can easily spend days normalizing and doing quality control for just a couple hundred samples. But because we have streamlined QC in addition to library preparations, we reduce the intensiveness of this process making QC of hundreds of samples a standard process that is done quickly and cost effectively.

—>Streamline reporting. We provide a summary of your sample QC before production begins. Feature rich reports include raw and summary data including recommendations about low quality or degraded templates. We easily do this by having built a new streamlined lab database.

—>Rest easy. In a matter of a few days you have advance knowledge about sample integrity before data generation begins, and in 5-7 days you’ll receive data for every library prep before sequencing even occurs. By quickly eliminating issues associated with quality there is no question whether your project will generate library data per specification. This means we can handle factors that might impact your study sooner rather than later.

Molecular Quality Assurance metrics that define excellence

All molecular and analytical data generation processes must adhere to strict specifications which ensure the samples you provide only yield high quality results, and your research and publication efforts require that your data be organized and complete. We have chosen our platforms and built our database to quickly generate reports for the many projects we process each week.

—>Save money. A key to saving money is efficiency. We implemented a series of in-line and batch controls for each step of our process to ensure we generate highly consistent datasets. These controls and our T2Prep system provide real time quality assurance data which ensures you only pay for services that lead to consistent and high quality data.

—>Save time. Our new streamlined reporting ensures results are provided directly to your web account (not sent by email), and are in a ready to use format rich in detail and accurate. You’ll be glad to have the data without spending time to summarize from disparate QC platforms.

—>Quality Assured. We are committed to providing thorough results quickly. In-line controls and no charge technical replicate data are run for all projects, and this helps to ensure Customers receive results and assurance metrics with each order placed. Samples that don’t meet strict specification are re-processed free of charge or you will have the option to remove it from the study. You will never be charged for data that fails quality checks.

Request a copy of our lab report and service specifications by contacting us here.



Consider the impact a scalable, closed tube automation system, can have on Project Efficiency, Quality & Purity…

T2Prep system goes beyond traditional liquid handling

—>Serious automation capabilities from serious product development efforts. Our T2Prep system specifically streamlines the most laborious and demanding liquid handling steps of our NGS and genotyping assays prior to analytical detection/data generation. The system itself utilizes a variety of innovations to achieve maximum efficiency while using standard reaction volumes and thermal cycling conditions.

—>Leave nothing to chance. Each component is tested thoroughly to ensure sample integrity, delivery ranges, and dynamic range for samples. Every transfer, enzymatic reaction, and purification process are thoroughly tested prior to implementation (as would be performed with any liquid handling system). Further, by utilizing tactics associated with good manufacturing procedures in a staged production environment, our service process is able to offer you the fastest turnaround times and the most detailed batch and in-line control information used for validating chemistry and data quality expectations for each application processed.

—>Purity at all costs. Perhaps the most important aspect of our T2P system is the pressure it off technicians processing samples. Our system makes it nearly impossible for cross contamination to ever occur. By completely eliminating the risks associated with single tube/plate mixing and transfers, master mix additions and bead purifications, sample integrity is never compromised while it passes through the designated liquid path, all the way through post preparation quality control.

—>Save money. With our T2Prep system we are able to process hundreds to thousands of samples thru a series of complex workflows each weak. This allows us to pass along best in class value to our Clients. If you doubt our current capabilities, simply calculate the cost of molecular equipment, materials (ie prep kits, robotic tips etc), staff and overhead expenses are associated with running a couple hundred samples, then price us and several vendors for the same work. By then it should be clear that doing this work yourselves and paying others to do it is always expensive. Our T2P system offers significant economic value specifically so your research dollars are not absorbed with costs of basic liquid handling. As an added bonus, very soon we’ll begin selling the T2P systsem directly off the shelf for use in your own laboratory.

Our production patent pending prep system is called the Touchless Total Prep System and abbreviated as TTPS or T2Prep system.



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  • Verifiable consistent quality and traceability with detailed controls and reports…
  • Transparent terms of service guaranteeing result generation…
  • A rapidly growing suite of services validated with our T2Prep system…                     



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