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Developed specifically to enhance your lab’s current molecular NGS workflows, straight from our growing Illumina focused Product Development & Production Lab.

Illumina NGS Services

Select RNA, DNA & Bioinformatics Services tailored to your project. Mutliple partnerships allow us to provide you customized support and genome center capabilities.

Nucleic Acid Services

We have a variety of experience working directly with H/R/M, plants, bacteria & metagenomic specimens to assist with time consuming RNA/DNA extractions. Contact-Us to learn more.

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“We were pleased with the yield and quality of data for our Arabidopsis project and the bioinformatics support helped us quickly focus on target validation and pathway analysis. The service exceeded my expectation.”

Jan S.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

“We tested the genomic DNA normalization and SPRI purification beads for our metagenomics library production service and were pleased with the results. We also received helpful support with automation.”

Steven G.

Research Associate, (NGS services)

“We enjoy working with Sean and have placed several orders over the years. His team was extremely helpful in processing a variety of specimens from around the world. I recommend the miRNA and RNAseq service.”

Kevin S.

Assistant Professor (Biomedical Sciences)


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