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Global Biologics, LLC

is a Contract Research Organization specializing in low and high throughput molecular genetics and sequencing services.

Global Biologics caters to scientists and institutions seeking turnkey, high-throughput, cost-effective molecular genetics and sequencing services for just about any sample source. Our goal is to be your premier solution for advancing complex genomic research studies while avoiding common laboratory bottlenecks and financial strain.

Reliable & Affordable Services


Flat Rate Illumina Sequencing

Single fee for  Sample QC +  Library & QC + Sequencing

GeneExpression / Genome Skimming / Reduced Genome Preps

Fast Data Generation: 21 days or it’s Free

No more waiting 4-8 weeks to fill flowcells and receive data


Illumina Libraries

Mix & Match

Small Batch or High Throughput Experiments

(SBS & ExAmp Compatible)


Illumina Sequencing

Mix & Match

Single or multiple lanes or Whole Flowcells

(HiSeq4000 / HS2500 / MiSeq)


Simple Service Process

Process Specifications Ensure Quality

Request a copy of our NGS Project & Quality Assurance Specification Report here

Fast Turnaround Times…or it’s FREE!

We have learned from past production mistakes, scheduling and molecular processing issues. We then refined our pricing, delivery times, and specifications in order to offer industry best rates and a new standard of quality across all our services. If any of the completion times are not met you receive a 15% refund on the project. If results are not delivered by the deadline listed, your project will be refunded within 24 hours.

Flexible Ordering Options

Online Services

Order online using Credit Card/ACH/Check on Delivery and receive preferred pricing rates vs Contract Service Orders

Standardized process & quality procedures, fast turnaround times & simple money back guarantee

Order Online here

Contract Services

Contract services are ideal for users who require a customized service experience

Every order receives free consultation and customized pricing, job references and proposal support during the quotation/bid process

Dedicated 4 hour support response times from experienced Staff Scientists (available during normal business hours)

Open Payment Terms (N30), highly specific technical and performance specifications per Institutional Purchase Order or Agency Contracting requirements

We will beat any major vendor on price, turnaround time, and quality

Large scale and multi-year pricing available

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